F*%# UX Design

10 swearing phrases to drive your way into a better User Experience

The many stages of user anger when facing a product with bad UX.

#1: What the F*%# is going on?

Users need to know what is happening AT ALL TIMES and while they’re doing each task. If a file is uploading, a post is being published or a document has been successfully deleted: these are the type of information the user needs IMMEDIATE feedback to be able to continue or be alerted of an issue in the system.

#2: What the F*%# does this mean?

#3: F*%#! What are you forcing me to do now?

Freedom! we fight for it! it is an essential part of our human nature. Don’t force your users into doing unnecessary or unrelated activities; taking them away from their goal.

#4: What the F*%# is this new thing?

People enjoy the familiar and coherent; designs that are not only consistent with other products out there but also consistent within itself. If you make people reinterpret or learn something new; trust that your f-word count will go up in the process.

#5: Thanks for helping me F*%# up :D

Errors, users make them; make sure to prevent them from happening by designing products that avoid them.

#6: I don’t F*%#-ing remember this now

or “S#*t I forgot that”
Yeah, we know as a designer you want ‘minimal uncluttered designs’ but you’ll need to find the sweet spot for this. If everything is hidden in tabs, collapsible sections, info-popups, and dropdowns; your users will need to find > read > remember this information and scream F*%# every now and then.

#7: Noob: “What the F*%# is this?” Vs Pro: “Why the F*%# do I need to do this again?”

Consider that each one of your users will have different goals and different levels of experience. The very basic functionalities shouldn’t block the expert, yet the complex shouldn’t overwhelm the novice.

#8: So much F*%#ing bla-bla-bla

Keep it simple, leave the bells and whistles to the marketing area of your product, for the rest: get to the point.

#9: What the F*%# just happened?

Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.
For those times; make sure that the user can easily understand that something went wrong, what caused it, and how to recover from it.

#10: Who do you F*%#ing think I am?

Users won’t know your product top-to-bottom before they use it. Please make sure to provide additional information or tutorials to educate them on your product.



User Experience Designer @EverestEngineering > ricardogerstl.com

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